• 2016
  • May
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Cure USB hickups on Windows

If you have issues with USB-Devices in Windows and nothing works (reboot, reinstal device, etc.) try to delete the following file:


After rebooting misbehaving USB-devices are often back to normal. It may occure that USB drivers are automatically reinstalled.

  • 2013
  • Jan
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Spliting a Mpeg video in smaller pieces

To split a MPEG video into smaller chunks to, e.g., get an 6 GB holiday video on an FAT32 USB-Stick the open source tool ffmpeg can be used.
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  • 2012
  • Oct
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Marching band and pc games - cool!

  • 2012
  • Jul
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Android Unit Tests and Coverage in Sonar

Some weeks ago I wanted to use Sonar in a small Android-app project to monitor code quality. Using sonar-runner I had very fast a working integration into my development environment and the first measurements were visible.

Most of the measurements like lines of code, violations, complexity or comments were instantly available. But two measures, code coverage and Unit tests, were a bit tricky to integrate. Therefore I will here list the steps I took to enable these two measures in Sonar for Android-app projects.
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